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Styling Ideas for those who Desire Short Hair

Short hair can be very sexy and appealing. A lot of women who have been blessed with this can definitely attest to the fact that it helps accentuate your look by providing you with a more chic and daring look.

If you will like to join this beauty trend, the following tips can definitely help you out:

First, decide on whether short hair works for you

The truth is this; while a lot of people can actually pull off the short hair thing, it really is not for everyone. To wit, you need to ascertain whether the hairstyle will work for you or not. In order to do this, you can take a look at hair styling trends and examine how they will look on your head.

Never leave your short hair rough

If you’ve been able to get short hair, it is essential that you keep it looking stylish and kempt at all times. Make sure to keep it properly bushed and blow-dry it regularly. Short hair looks awesome, but it definitely can go South for you if your hair is unkempt. These days, you get tools that can offer both hair brushes and blow dryers, so you can enjoy the added versatility.

You can spray dry, shampoo or texture spray on your bobby pins before inserting them

This step is useful because it prevents any slippage. Sometimes, it is not uncommon for short hair to slip out of bobby pins more easily than longer hair. This is why if you will like to keep your short hair strands in place, all you need to do is spray a little bit of dry texture spray on the inside of the bobby pin. This will give it an extra degree of grip and will go a long way in preventing sudden slips.

Braid your hair into a crown braid

You can pull your hair back into a class chic braid. To do this, first create a side-part. After doing this, Dutch braid (a process where you cross the pieces under one another, instead of doing that over) the hair diagonally, beginning from the left side of the part. Dutch braid your hair back on the right side of the part. You should also use bobby pins to make sure that both braids are secure in a bun ion the back

Criss-cross two headbands over your hair to keep your pixie cut smooth and sleek

We all know how difficult it is to keep stubborn short braids down. In order to make sure that your pixie cut stays down, layer your headbands (you should preferably use bejeweled headbands) for an amazing look.

Always keep a cold cream around with you in case you need to control your tresses while on the go

There are a lot of hair cream types which are portable enough to fit in your bag. These will be helpful in fixing any frizz or disarrangement that might happen to your hair whenever you’re on the go; maybe on the bus or in a plane, when your hair might wig out due to humidity. You never know when you’ll need it.

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