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Hairstyles And Hair Trends You Will Need Give A Try In 2018

e might ourselves scream “how is it 2018 already?” but our outer amazing person is already saying: “oh! New hair style”!!!

a new year brings with it new hairstyles as well as hair trends just waiting to be experimented.

Girls, it doesn’t matter what type of hairstyles returns whether it’s the school girl look, or Curly hair, Silver hair or big bouncy hair or even a wet look hair style, this year brings with it the right opportunity to test out the most popular hairstyles and hair trends working their way down the runways and also on the streets.

We asked the top hairstylists along with colorists to find out what they anticipate will be the leading hair trends of 2018.

Big and Bouncy

The big and bouncy is back! blow-dry has had a successful return to the fashion week shows as well as celebs all around. Fashion is bringing back our lovely early 80’s disco vibe and hairstyles and naturally, we need to follow and volume up our hair.

The Headscarves

A riviera-cool, head scarves are back! These are seen down the runways in NY fashion week 2018 all over. They are preferably to be worn with an Italian guy next to you.

Will keep you updated on the next trends...

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